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The Michigan Doctors' Political Action Committee (MDPAC) aims to bring grassroots involvement through organized medicine in Michigan to a whole new level. Following are ways that MDPAC can connect physicians, their spouses, medical students, and medical group managers with opportunities to make themselves heard:

ImageContribute - When single financial contributions are combined with those of other individuals, MDPAC funds increase the leverage of organized medicine’s position to protect patients’ rights and to preserve the integrity of the medical profession.

ImageEngage - To ensure that medicine’s voice is heard throughout the halls of government, members must get involved by participating in MDPAC events and contacting their lawmakers.

Image Unite – As individuals, physicians already make a difference. United, they can affect even more change in their community, in government, and in their profession.

Image Lead - In order to influence leaders at all levels, physicians and friends of medicine must become leaders themselves. Joining MDPAC is an important step toward that leadership.


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