Welcome to the Michigan Doctors’ Political Action Committee website. 

As the chair of MDPAC, I encourage you to use our site to become familiar with the different ways you can become involved. MDPAC promotes the involvement of physicians through both donating and engaging. By donating, you are helping MDPAC to support pro-medicine candidates. By engaging, you are holding our lawmakers accountable and being a voice for our organization. 

We hope we can encourage you to become involved today. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any comments, questions or concerns. 

The time is now, so activate your voice! 

Yours in advocacy, 

Mark C. Komorowski, MD

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MDPAC?

Michigan Doctor’s Political Action Committee (MDPAC) is the political arm of the Michigan State Medical Society. We are a bipartisan political action committee made up of members of the MSMS, alliance members, students/residents and practice managers who are interested in making a positive contribution to the medical profession through the political process. MDPAC supports pro-medicine candidates running for the Michigan state legislature or statewide office.

Why give to MDPAC?

By contributing to the MDPAC, you will substantially enhance our advocacy efforts. With an ever changing political landscape, a well-funded unified voice is necessary to promote a pro-medicine agenda. By joining with other members, you create a constituency that represents your professional needs and concerns. Whether the issue is tort reform legislation, scope of practice or the many of the other issues on the medical agenda, political and legislative action is where it all begins.

How can you give?

To donate, you can simply click here to make a secure online donation. You may also mail a check to MDPAC at P.O. Box 769 East Lansing, MI 48826. Please remember that MSMS dues and MDPAC donations are two separate entities. If you are member of MSMS, you are not automatically a donor to MDPAC.

Where does the money go?

The funds raised by MDPAC go to candidates endorsed by our organization. MDPAC has a proven track record of endorsing successful candidates. We value the input of our members when making endorsements. To decide upon endorsements we take into consideration the their position on our issues, their previous votes (if available) and the viability of the candidate.

Why do we need both MSMS & MDPAC?

Michigan State Medical Society Government Relations and MDPAC serve two different functions. The MSMS Government Relations team does the lobby and advocacy efforts for our physicians on the legislative side. The MDPAC team handles the political side, focusing on raising funds to support pro-medicine lawmakers. We need both teams to be strong and work together to have overall success for our agenda.

MDPAC Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up physicians, alliance members and students/residents. The following currently represent the MDPAC Board:


  • Shafi J. Ahmed, MD
  • Abd A. Alghanem, MD
  • Mohammed A. Arsiwala, MD
  • Cathy O. Blight, MD
  • Stephen N. Dallas, MD, MA
  • Sharmistha Dev, MD
  • Amit Ghose, MD, Treasurer
  • Thomas A. Gignac, MD
  • Scot F. Goldberg, MD, MBA
  • James D. Grant, MD
  • Carol Horowitz
  • Mark C. Komorowski, MD, Chair
  • H. Michael Marsh, MD, MBBS 
  • Jonathan E. Pasko, MD 
  • Daniel M. Ryan, MD 
  • Aaron W. Sable, MD 
  • Michael A. Sandler, MD 
  • Beth Schumacher 
  • Michael W. Smith, MD 
  • Bruce C. Springer, MD 
  • Kevin T. Stone, MD 
  • Kay E. Watnick, MD 
  • Louis R. Zako, MD