Welcome to the Michigan Doctors’ Political Action Committee website. 

As the chair of MDPAC, I encourage you to use our site to become familiar with the different ways you can become involved. MDPAC promotes the involvement of physicians through both donating and engaging. By donating, you are helping MDPAC to support pro-medicine candidates. By engaging, you are holding our lawmakers accountable and being a voice for our organization. 

We hope we can encourage you to become involved today. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any comments, questions or concerns. 

The time is now, so activate your voice! 

Yours in advocacy, 

Leah C. Davis, DO

Frequently Asked Questions

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MDPAC Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up physicians, alliance members and students/residents. The following currently represent the MDPAC Board:

  • Steven Daveluy, MD
  • Leah Davis, DO
  • Kaitlyn Dobesh, MD, JD
  • Edward Fody, MD 
  • Amit Ghose, MD
  • Courtland Keteyian, MD, MBA, MPH
  • Michael A. Sandler, MD
  • Brad Uren, MD